ADDItelecom - - Infrastructures for communication and telecommunications

Electrical and Telecoms Engineering



Electrical and Telecoms Engineering


DTT-TV Projects.

Projects and technical studies for

the legalisation of DTT-TV stations. 


Radio projects.

Projects and technical studies for

the legalisation of radio stations.

DAB and DAB + Analogue and

Digital Radio.

DAB y DAB + Monitoring.

Coverage studies.

Studies and projects of radio and

TV coverage.

Fieldwork measurements.


Microwave, radio and TV links.

Analogue and Digital.

Wimax links.

IP links.


Communication towers.


Communication towers for radio

links, antennae and radiant panels.

Radio and TV broadcasting Services.

Electrical certificates.

Electrical installations certificates.

Technical inspections.

Energy Certification.

Energy certifications for buildings,

homes, comercial and industrial